With Red Flag Conditions, Cal OES Prepositions Firefighting Resources and Personnel in Seven California Counties


In preparation of dangerous fire weather conditions anticipated to impact several Southern California Counties, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has strategically prepositioned critical fire resources to include strike teams of fire engines, firefighters, hand crews, water tenders, helicopters and dispatchers in the designated impacted areas.
The prepositioned fire resources include:
  • Los Angeles County:  One Type-1 fire engine strike team, one water tender, one dispatcher
  • Glendale Operational Area: One Type-1 fire engine strike team, one water tender
  • Ventura County: One Type-1 fire engine strike team, one helicopter, one Type-1 hand crew, one dispatcher
  • Orange County: One Type-1 fire engine strike team
  • Santa Barbara County: One Type-1 strike team, one Type-3 strike team, two dispatchers
  • Marin County: One Type-3 Strike Team, One local government task force, one water tender, two dispatchers, 10 overhead
  • Inyo County:  Two Type-2 engines, one overhead
  • San Bernardino County: Five Cal OES Type-1 engines, one Cal OES Type-1 water tender
A strike team includes five fire engines with 15 firefighters and a strike team Leader.
The National Weather Service is forecasting low relative humidity, very hot temperatures and gusty sundowner winds, creating Red Flag weather conditions over parts of California over the next 24 hours.  A Red Flag Warning means that critical fire weather conditions are either occurring now, or will shortly. A combination of strong winds, low relative humidity, and warm temperatures can contribute to extreme fire potential and erratic fire behavior.  Click here to see the National Weather Service’s Red Flag warnings.
The public is urged is remain aware of their surrounding conditions and to avoid outdoor activities that can cause a spark near dry vegetation, such as yard work, target shooting, or campfires and follow local fire restrictions. The public is also reminded to have an emergency plan in place, emergency preparedness kits at home and vehicles full of fuel; sign-up for emergency alerts; listen to authorities and warnings and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.
The Cal OES Warning Center and State Operations Center will monitor conditions and be ready for further resource requests as necessary throughout the Red Flag period.
For more from Cal OES, visit CalOES.ca.gov and follow us on Twitter @Cal_OES.




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