Update on Americans Who Have Disembarked the Grand Princess Cruise Ship


SACRAMENTO – As passengers disembark from the Grand Princess cruise ship in Oakland, the state and federal government are working quickly to ensure that Americans are housed in safe and secure sites during their mandatory 14-day quarantines.
In continuing support of these Americans, up to 24 individuals who disembarked the cruise ship are being relocated to a cluster of buildings on the Asilomar State Beach and Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove. The individuals will be temporarily housed in buildings that are removed from visitors and the public, and will not interact with other Asilomar guests, employees or the general public.
All the individuals have been screened by medical professionals, and because they have mild symptoms that do not require hospitalization, they cannot be quarantined at Travis Air Force Base. While none of these individuals is known to have contracted novel coronavirus (COVID-19), they will be tested and monitored by medical professionals while at Asilomar.
This housing effort is focused on protecting the health of these Americans and the public health of California’s communities and military readiness at Travis Air Force Base. The California Health and Human Services Agency and California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services are partnering with federal and local governments to ensure that adequate protocols are in place to protect the health of the disembarked passengers and the public health of California and the communities surrounding Asilomar. The state is also working closely with local agencies, including Monterey County and the City of Pacific Grove, to coordinate this mission and provide communication and information to the public.
“These residents have endured a lot of stress in the last few days, and our top priority is to protect their health – and the public health of California – until they can return to their homes,” said California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly. “We understand people across California are concerned about novel coronavirus, and that’s why we’re collaborating with our federal partners to ensure that the community surrounding Asilomar is not impacted.”
“State Parks is ready to step up and support these Americans who need our assistance, and we continue to make the health and safety of visitors, employees and the public our top priority,” said State Parks Director Lisa Mangat.
“We are grateful to the community of Pacific Grove and Monterey County for stepping up to care for our fellow Americans in their time of need,” said Mark, Ghilarducci, Director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services. “This community embodies the leadership we have seen in other parts of the state, including Solano County and Oakland.”
“The nation and indeed the rest of the world is watching how our community reacts to this situation,” said Monterey County District 5 Supervisor Mary Adams. “We have an opportunity to provide an example of a compassionate humanitarian response.” 
“We are working with federal and state officials to make sure every step is taken to protect the health of our community,” said Dr. Edward Moreno, Monterey County Health Officer.
“Public health and safety is the responsibility of every level of government. Pacific Grove is working closely with our state and federal partners to ensure the highest level of safety is provided for our community,” said Amy Tomlinson, Pacific Grove City Councilmember.


  1. Cyndi Adams

    Can we have a list of those passengers names? Seems that they have some pull with Newsome & Pelosi. There is no way in hell any of those passengers should be housed in this community. Our demographic is elderly and this could impact our seniors in a big way. There were options available that are not in a densely populated area with seniors and immuno suppressed folks. But gosh oh gee Camp Roberts, Ft. Hunter Liggett and other bases that were better choices were ignored even though they had been readied to intake patients. This is stupidity at it’s best. Government nepotism at it’s best. Let’s see what washing our hands do of this mess.

    • Johnnie Baptista

      I’m with Cyndi Adams . And think Newsom is a waist along with Pelosi .

  2. Keith Brown

    This information keeps getting released at the local levels of press, many times quoted directly: “they have mild symptoms that do not require hospitalization and, therefore, cannot be housed at Travis AFB” and then the statement is made “none of these individuals is known to have contracted coronavirus novel 19”. What exactly does that mean when you add it all up? Mild symptoms of WHAT? So they can’t be housed at Travis AFB because they DO have symptoms or the folks housed there have more severe symptoms? Ms. Vargas appears to be hiding something, because I thought all of these guys have been tested or have they? Is there an uncertainty in the test confidence level? I’m puzzled.

  3. Rano Singh

    The virus and the pathways seems highly unpredictable. I think our state and local leaders are working hard to ensure the safety of all. However in hot spots, I don’t see the point in letting gatherings of 500-1000 people still take place. Seems self defeating.
    Can we look at how and why places like South Korea and Singapore seem to have had some success in controlling their upward numbers trajectory? Maybe some likely good/best practices can be copied, like the drive by testing sites? If we don’t have the facts we can’t work toward solving this a quickly as possible.
    We must all work together. And yes with other countries too.

  4. Isaac Sharp

    Why bring ill (albeit mildly) patients to an older conference facility in the middle of an elderly retirement community like Pacific Grove? And now we find out they are untested for the virus? Surely there are commercial hotel facilities in commercial areas or even low population areas that would be better suited?

  5. Arynne Elfenbein

    Camp Roberts or Fort Hunter Ligget would be much better suited
    for this quarantine to take place…
    Not in an area known for retirees!!!

  6. Richard Davis

    I live just up the street from Asilomar. I was allowed to walk right through this area on my daily walk with my dog when they came. No signs up, no warning. I was a little confused because there were no other guests around, and I wondered why they had masks on. I spoke with one hispanic maid when she was walking by and she looked scared. I laughed and said how nice it was without all the tourists and she stated crying, and walked away.
    When I got home I learned what the Govenor had done. I was livid and called the Asilomar front desk and they refused to tell me if the people I walked by were infected.

    • Cyndi Adams

      You have to be kidding. Who cares if they are chilly or not getting first class food! This penisula is losing millions because of these people being here. People are laid off work, are you going to pay their wages?

      This entire fiasco here on the Monterey peninsula could have been avoided if our governor and his Auntie didn’t have skin in this game. They lied, covered up the timeline and compromised our home and the employees of Asilomar. They should ashamed as should you for caring if these privileged passengers had their blankies!

  7. F. Rosenthal

    Asilomar has ceased all guest operations and laid off its employees without pay, except for the 12 passengers in quarantine. As these passengers are in the same category as the passengers held in quarantine at the empty hotel in San Carlos near SFO, is there any reason these passengers were were separated from them? Have they ever received their luggage? Pacific Grove is chilly at this time of year. Can anything be done to get them televisions? Is it true that their meals are being prepared by the Salvation Army?


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