Cal OES Pre-Positions Critical Fire and Rescue Public Safety Resources Ahead of Storm Impacts


In preparation for significant rainfall forecasted in areas of recent burn-scarred hillsides throughout Southern California, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) continues to work through the weekend with local public safety agencies to coordinate and deploy the strategic pre-positioning of specialized fire, rescue and public safety resources and personnel in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside Counties.  This is part an on-going effort by California’s emergency management and public safety agencies to ensure that critical, life-saving resources are ready and immediately available for deployment in the event of a major mudslide, debris flow, flooding or other emergency caused by significant winter weather.

The following resources and personnel are either in designated positions, or will be soon, as this latest storm system moves across the region. The pre-positioned fire resources and emergency personnel listed below are a snapshot in time, highlighting resources that were in play as of the evening of Friday, February 1, 2019. For specific information about these teams and their agencies, contact them directly.

NOTE: This list is subject to change without notice, based on conditions – changes, additions and cancellations are common as needs are continually reassessed.

  • Santa Barbara County

    • (2) Type 3 Engine Strike Teams (10 engines and 2 leaders)
    • (1) Regional Task Force
    • (1) Type-2 Dozer Strike Team (2 bulldozers and a leader)
    • (1) Helicopter
    • (1) Type-3 Incident Management Team
    • (1) Dispatcher
  • Ventura County

    • (4) Type 1 Engines
    • (2) Type 2 Bulldozers
    • (1) CalOES Swift Water and Flood Team (SF 10)
    • (1) Dispatcher
  • Los Angeles County

    • (1) Type 6 Engine Strike Team (5 engines and a leader)
    • (2) Type 2 Bulldozers
    • (2) Helicopters with swift water staffing
    • (1) Type 3 Incident Management Team
  • Orange County

    • (2) Type 2 Bulldozers
    • (1) Helicopter
  • Riverside County

    • (2) Type 3 Engine Strike Teams (10 engines and 2 leaders)
    • (2) Type 6 Engines
    • (1) Type 2 Swift Water Rescue Team with 4 members
    • (1) Type 3 Incident Management Team
    • (2) Dispatcher
FEMA Flood Warning graphic

Do you know the difference between a flood watch and flood warning? Source: NWS/FEMA

Be Prepared & Have a Plan

The public is urged to remain aware of their surrounding conditions and to avoid outdoor activities that may be dangerous during the rain event. Also, remember to have an emergency plan in place, emergency preparedness kits at home and vehicles full of fuel, sign-up for emergency alerts, listen to authorities and warnings and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.  Check out the National Weather Service Safety Tips.

The California State Warning Center, Cal OES Regions and Cal OES Fire and Rescue Branch will continue evaluating conditions to be ready for further resource requests as necessary throughout the rain event.

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