State Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, and Military Leaders Issue Joint Statement on Presidential Inauguration and Physical Security


SACRAMENTO – The following may be attributed to CHP Commissioner Amanda Ray, Cal OES Director and Homeland Security Advisor Mark Ghilarducci and California National Guard Adjutant General David Baldwin:

Following the events that unfolded in our nation’s capital last week and subsequent information from federal law enforcement officials, our agencies want to assure Californians of the following efforts to ensure their safety:

Our collective agencies are working closely together and remain vigilant to respond to potential threats that may occur anywhere in the state, including the Capitol.  Collectively, we maintain strong relationships with our security and intelligence partners at the local, state, and federal levels and are continually monitoring and sharing information about possible emerging threats to the state.

Together, our role is to safeguard lives and property and ensure that California remains a safe place for those who live, work, and travel within the state while ensuring the ability of individuals and groups to lawfully exercise their First Amendment rights. 

For security and safety reasons the agencies will not be commenting further on specific matters involving local preparedness plans or personnel deployment.




  1. Tanya Vera

    Can you stop the evictions in Sacramento? The courts and Sacramento Sheriff are NOT respecting and honoring the Executive orders/Moratorium for evictions and it needs immediate attention as they are putting people on the streets. That is ILLEGAL now! Please help us. Is wrong and unfair as you guys are sworn an oath to protect the communities and that is NOT happening. I only have 7 days left before they (courts and Sacramento sheriff come to get us out) and is NOT for nonpayment is for retaliation.
    ST Anton management is violating ALL laws and orders for their tenants in income-based housing. Be aware!

  2. Catherine Go

    Thank you for the government officials effort in the execution/implemetation on vaccinating the people in the United States .
    I used to work at the Census 2010 . I was reading that one of the problem with covid is the distribution location and manpower. I would like to suggest to adopt the same concept that Census is using to map the population by reaching households thru different partnership locations in the community for the whole country. Also, there should be massive and immediate recruitment of qualified vaccinators- volunteers and or compensated.
    Also, I am hopeful that Pharmacies and Hospital staff will also be able to help in this activity after they’re done with their second vaccine.

    I hope there is enough supply and there will be no production challenges in the future as well as for its storage. Can big groceries or produce /growers with big freezers could help so long as their warehouses are approved by the DHS.

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
    LA resident



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