State Debris Removal Officials Urge Cyclists to Use Caution When Using Canyons Roads in Recent Burn Areas


As the rainy season in Southern California tapers off and more cyclists are using the roads, officials with the Debris Removal Operations Center (DROC) in Calabasas are urging cyclists in areas affected by last November’s Woolsey and Hill fires to use caution due to the presence of trucks transporting debris generated by the fires to local landfills.

Roads of particular concern include Cornell Road, Latigo Canyon Road, Corral Canyon Road, Encinal Canyon Road, Mulholland Highway, Decker Canyon Road and Deer Creek Road.  These roads pose a significant risk to cyclists because they are narrow, have “S” curves with blind spots and have limited shoulders.  These conditions leave truck drivers with no place to go and very little, if any, time to react when they encounter cyclists.

Debris removal officials estimate that heavy truck traffic will continue in the burn areas through the end of June.

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