Podcast #70: Tribal Affairs Before, During and After Disasters with Denise Shemenski


Denise Shemenski is the tribal advisor for Cal OES. The purpose of the Office of Tribal Coordination is to improve and maintain communication and collaboration between California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) and all Native American Tribes in California. This office aims to create effective collaboration and informed decision-making where all parties share a goal of reaching a decision together. Our office priorities are to educate internal and external partners to become informed about the cultural settings of California Native Americans, their emergency management and homeland security issues and cultural sensitivities, for the purpose of improving Cal OES’s understanding of all Native American Tribes in California.

On September 19, 2011, the Governor issued Executive Order B-10-11, to implement effective government to government consultation with California Indian Tribes on policies that affect tribal communities. In May 2015, Cal OES released the Cal OES Tribal Consultation Policy​.​

Be sure to watch the video here of the tribe in Corning (referenced in this podcast) that donated a large portion of its casino camp ground to evacuees displaced by the Camp Fire.


Cal OES Tribal Coordination

Tribal Historic Preservation Officers Program (THPOs)

California Native American Heritage Commission

Rolling Hills Casino Home to New Trailers for Camp Fire Survivors





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