Governor Newsom Signs Executive Order to Expand Support for Vulnerable Populations


SACRAMENTO – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order that provides additional support for older adults and vulnerable young children.

The order will allow for a 60-day waiver for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program caseworkers to continue their work and be able to care for older adults, as well as individuals with disabilities. 

A copy of the Governor’s executive order can be found here and the text of the order can be found here.

Learn more about the state’s ongoing COVID-19 response efforts here. Visit for critical steps Californians can take to stay healthy, and resources available to those impacted by the outbreak.



  1. Michael Ingerman

    Support for IHSS workers who are employed workers is excellent, but the governor’s action does not address the need’s of individuals or families that care for a disabled person requiring caregiver services on a daily basis. Loss of a freelance or agency caregiver because of illness or quarantine creates a very unstable situation for the disabled individual and his or her supporting family. Caregiver services must be provided or the disabled person will land at the front door of a healthcare facility.

    At this time there are very limited resources for caregivers. Action by the state that will support individuals and families faced with immediate caregiver services is needed. In normal times individuals and families manage and pay for caregiver services. Mandatory sick time payments for those quarantined far exceed the disabled person or family’s financial resources. Please consider action that will provide the disabled and families not covered by IHSS some stability. Thank you.

    • Mary joy guevarra

      Good evening my family is in distress due to covid19 virus I a mother of two boys my 12 yrs old son had asthma and allergy and 2 yrs old boy and I’m diabetic with high blood pressure meds my husband had work before the stay home but due to covid19 he work is less now but at least we won’t get the virus we just stay home thank you so much that you cancel the school now my 12 yrs old boys doesn’t want to go out he’s so scared that if he go out he’ll got the covid19 but I he’ll try to walk indoor with my 2yrs old boy I’m already in cal works I’m afraid if I find work I might be infected with the virus

  2. Carmencita

    Very concerned that Ihss providers are not supplied with protective equipment. Masks gloves and sanitizers are needed to protect not only the case workers but also the vulnerable seniors and every day Ihss caregivers. Care givers are also healthcare workers working outside medical offices. Where can we get more supplies from?

  3. David Purcell

    My wife is disabled and we employ a five day a week full-time person to care for her. How does this affect us. We pay her from our retirement funds.


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