Governor Newsom Signs Emergency Legislation to Fight COVID-19


SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom signed emergency legislation today providing up to $1 billion in funding to help California fight COVID-19.

“It’s simply remarkable. In just one day’s time, members of the California Legislature came together across party lines to unanimously pass emergency legislation authorizing over $1 billion to fight COVID-19. This money will provide more hospital beds and medical equipment to help hospitals deal with the coming surge and it will help protect those who are most at risk. I am grateful to the Legislature for their quick action,” said Governor Newsom.

The emergency legislative package provides $500 million General Fund to help California fight COVID-19 and authorizes increases up to $1 billion. The funding will:

  • Increase hospital bed capacity and purchase medical equipment to combat the coming surge in COVID-19 patients;
  • Protect hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities most vulnerable to COVID-19 spread;
  • Provide lifesaving services to Californians isolating at home;
  • Support local government to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in homeless populations and provide safe beds for people experiencing homelessness; and
  • Provide funding to clean child care facilities that remain open.
  • The package also provides $100 million Proposition 98 General Fund for personal protective equipment and cleaning for schools that remain open. It also allows schools to maintain funding despite service disruptions.

The Governor signed the following bills today:

  • SB 89 by the Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review – Budget Act of 2019.
  • SB 117 by the Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review – Education finance: average daily attendance and timeline waivers: protective equipment and cleaning appropriation: COVID-19.


  1. David Garcia

    I am a rideshare driver and the current situation concerning the Coronavirus outbreak has severely impacted my income. What is being implemented to help the Gig work force?

  2. Harmony

    Can you please consider putting Butte County on this list? We are small business owners with 3 children and we know several other small business that are already suffering during this time. Please reach out to our County and consider us for this program.

  3. Brianna Martinez

    We need the governor to declare “disaster” so employees can file for their unemployment benefits. We will not be approved until that happens. Families need to pay rent, pge, and medical costs. WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO FILE CLAIMS ASAP. THE EDD PUTS A TIME LIMIT ON WHEN WE FILE. IT NEEDS TO BE PROMPT!!! Thank you.

    • David Garcia

      The legislature just passed the emergency legislation this afternoon. I’m positive all time limits are being waived as are drivers licenses, taxes, paying for traffic tickets. Patience is needed. You mentioned rent, they’ve already declared 90 extensions on rent payments. No one can evict for non payment.

      • Katherine M Roach

        A 90 day extension on rent… but you still have to
        Pay it in 90 days. If you don’t have it now, and you’re not working, then you’re probably not going to have it later.
        90 days of rent & utilities is a pretty big price to pay down the line when you’re living paycheck to paycheck and there’s no paycheck

        • DAVID P GARCIA

          I agree with this writer. I also am wondering how I’ll be able to pay my rent and utilities. If and when we get the proposed stimulus monies, I’ll need that money to feed my family. I am a rideshare driver, stress and anxiety is starting to set in… I’m down to $65.00 in my pocket. Do I start selling my assets, TV, washer n dryer, lawn mower, etc…?

  4. Doris Metchikoff

    Can you please strongly consider finding an alternate way that a 70 year old with a good driving record and good eyesight to please renew license before April online to avoid being infected with the corona virus with all the crowd at the DMV office. I just got out of the hospital and suffer from pancreatitis right now and am not at a good place to be in an atmosphere with a lot of people at this time.
    Please think of all the elderly who deserve to have an alternative way do due their duty and enforce the law and yet guard and obey the Governors guidelines without jeopardizing their health at this time,
    Thank You for your honest consideration

    • Maggie Krehbiel

      Go to online. They are offering extensions and online renewals. Good luck


    First I’d like to say thank you for being so considerate of all that need help. I am self quarantined because I am over 60, I have lung cancer and now suffer w/COPD and just recently thought there is some underlying issue w/my heart. I live alone and it is difficult for me to get everything I need. I fear I will be forgotten and I don’t know exactly what to do if I feel sick . My symptons from the COPD and pain from cancer surgery resemble symptoms of the coronavirus. Please take care of severely ill people first. This is scarier than my cancer diagnosis. God Bless.

    • Craig Reynolds

      How do these policies relate to farmers and farmworkers? It seems to me they should be treated as essential businesses and workers, the same as grocery stores and farmers markets. Food doesn’t grow in a store. It’s planting season.

  6. Jessica Knapp

    What are the counties mandated to Shelter in place?

  7. Michelle

    Shut The State down Quarintine 100 new cases a day and 2-3 Deaths dont wait till more get it!! Get ahead of the game

  8. Julie

    When will Placer County be added to the list of “Shelter in Place” locations? Teens/young adults are still congregating in areas and it seems that unless there is a directive, people will continue to do so…

  9. Hector Flores

    We need help with school loans at this time. Please help us so we can help our families that do not have money to buy food right now due to no sales and high cost of babysitting.

  10. Robert Jones

    been looking for information on how to help disabled veterans with something as siple as a list of shopping plaaces and their hours so they might not have to wait in line. Some of the veterans cannot access or wait in the long lines at most markets. Governor nor Mayor has put anything out and the VA has cleaned their hands of us by cancelling all appointments. Vets seem to be atthe botto of the food chain when it come to emergencies


    I am 65 years old and a twelve rotating shift worker. I have several underlying health conditions. I would like to go to home isolation, but my company would allow me to do it, but without pay. As you mentioned on your speech that all people 65 and older should be able to go on home isolation. Are you going to legislate on this issue for people over 65 be able to go on home isolation with pay?



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