Governor Newsom Requests Presidential Major Disaster Declaration for State’s COVID-19 Response Efforts


SACRAMENTO – In a letter to President Donald Trump, Governor Gavin Newsom today requested a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration to assist in California’s COVID-19 preparedness and emergency response efforts. The Major Disaster Declaration would include any and all individual assistance programs to assist those affected by the outbreak and lessen the economic impacts of the crisis. The request would provide additional assistance, including but not limited to, mass care and emergency assistance, crisis counseling, disaster case management, disaster unemployment assistance, disaster legal services and Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance.

The State of California and local governments have taken extraordinary steps to protect public health in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Last week, the Governor signed emergency legislation allocating $1.1 billion toward the state’s response, issued a Stay at Home order, deployed the National Guard to help support food banks, and signed an executive order to prepare the health care system for a possible surge in cases. Learn more about the state’s ongoing COVID-19 emergency response here.

The Governor’s request for a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration for the state’s COVID-19 preparedness and emergency response efforts can be found here.




  1. Roya Aliabadi

    What is going to happen to small businesses who had to close.
    We opened our doors on Feb 8th to a small business which we had to put in more than $200.000.00 to get it open, hired staff and now we can’t even pay our rent.
    How and where can we get help?

    • Tony Blair

      Our Democratic and Partisan parties, don’t understand that a payment to the general public is not the answer, they would be better off underwriting the employees compensation through the employer that way they can be left on the job or payroll longer. With the forced higher minimum wages imposed in California, $1200 is no more than 2 weeks of wages.
      We need help keeping the business afloat in order to be able to hire and employee people, without businesses there are no jobs. When will the state of California stop upping the anti, so government, state and city employees can continue to get paid on the backs of non government employees. If local government shuts down, there are still wages paid. So why work if I can still get paid for not working. Small businesses should have the same absurdity to pay workers as the government’s employees that are supported by the taxes I pay. And then to top it off we have Adam Schiff and his band led by Pelosi wasting my money to rage an obviously partisan impeachment ploy. Why aren’t they accountable for a ROI like I am?


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