Governor Newsom Announces Release of $100 Million to Support Child Care Services for Essential Workers and Vulnerable Populations


SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the release of $100 million to support child care services, and to support child care providers who are stepping up to serve essential infrastructure workers and vulnerable populations and their children during this critical time.  

“Many of California’s workers on the front lines of this pandemic are parents, and as a father, I know the importance of making sure our children are kept healthy and safe. This funding is very important to make sure that working parents that are part of the essential workforce in our state, as well as those that are part of vulnerable populations, have the child care resources they need,” said Governor Newsom. 

Of the funding, $50 million will go to the California Department of Education to be used to pay for up to 20,000 limited-term additional state-subsidized slots for child care. The other $50 million will go to the Department to ensure child care centers, facilities and family provider homes are safe and clean for the children and families they are serving by reimbursing them for the purchase of gloves, face coverings, cleaning supplies, and other labor related to cleaning in accordance with federal and state public health and safety guidelines. 

Governor Newsom recently signed executive orders to ensure prioritization of children of essential infrastructure workers, as well as those in vulnerable populations, including children at risk of violence or neglect, and those with disabilities, in accessing child care services during the state’s COVID-19 response. Under the executive orders, the Department of Education and the Department of Social Services developed and have issued guidance on the prioritization for access to child care services. Essential infrastructure workers include health care workers, emergency response personnel, law enforcement, and grocery workers.

The Governor sent a letter to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee announcing his intent to spend $100 million from the funding appropriated in SB 89, emergency legislation signed into law last month. The legislation created an additional mechanism to provide up to $1 billion General Fund for expenditures related to the COVID-19 emergency.

Learn more about the state’s ongoing COVID-19 response efforts here. Visit for critical steps Californians can take to stay healthy, and resources available to those impacted by the outbreak.



  1. Priscilla Arebelo

    I am a hard-working mother of a very special daughter, I have lost hours at work, I was in a car accident, an I’m still paying on that loan , I I need help asap

  2. Maira Lopez

    I am a single mom of 2 children. I had to stop working since I had nobody to watch them and they are being homeschooled. This is very tough time for all of us. Especially since unable to pay rent Bill’s etc. We need to come together and pray this will end soon. Or I will be forced to be homeless.

  3. Natasha Harris

    Hair stylist and others who are in the beauty industry have been completely shut down since the middle of March.Working in close contact with others is the only way we can make money.What is the government going to do to help protect us ?We like most Americans are living check to check ,with only one source of income.Rent, utilities ,car payment insurance, phone bill, credit card are all due.Food and water are just about gone,I have no money to feed my children or help my extended family that are also non essential workers and elderly.We are scared that we won’t get emergency funds in time before my food and water runs completely out!We are slowly falling into a deep hole with no options and no where to turn.Help us!


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