Governor Gavin Newsom Surveys North Complex Fire in Midst of Climate Crisis


In just two years, Butte County has suffered two of the deadliest wildfires in CA history

Governor Newsom: We are in the midst of an existential climate crisis

OROVILLE – Governor Gavin Newsom joined CALFIRE leadership in surveying recently burned areas of the North Complex fire today.

“I want to express my condolences to those who lost their lives, loved ones or their homes during this deadly wildfire event,” said Governor Gavin Newsom. “California is in the midst of an existential climate crisis. It was just two years ago that this area saw the deadliest wildfire in our history. Now, just a few miles away, another deadly wildfire has ripped through these same communities. There is no doubt – climate change is here, and it is happening faster than most had anticipated.

“While California balances on a knife edge when it comes to climate impact, our state is leading the world in turning our climate resolve into results. We aren’t just making bold promises – we are using our economic strength and innovation to lead the nation and the world towards a greener future. As the events of the last month have shown us, that work has to move faster, too.”

The Governor noted that five of the ten largest fires in our state’s history are burning right now. Last month, August 2020, was the warmest August on historical record in California, and temperature records are being broken across the world. Last week, a global study confirmed that melting of ice sheets at both the north and south poles have accelerated at a pace on par with the worst-case climate change scenarios, putting coastal communities where tens of millions of people reside at risk.

Under Governor Gavin Newsom’s leadership, California has continued to move aggressively toward meeting its clean energy goals and used its economic power to move the nation and world toward a greener future. Those actions include:

  • Leading the nation’s Clean Car Promise, a coalition of 24 states  fighting the Trump Administration’s illegal attacks on California’s authority to regulate vehicle emissions.
  • Setting a clean-truck standard for the nation and the world. By 2045, every new truck sold in California will be zero-emission.
  • Leading a coalition of 15 states to accelerate the electrification of trucks, whose emissions disproportionately burden communities of color.
  • Securing bilateral clean car agreements with auto manufacturers to reach ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets that protect public health and save consumers money at the pump.
  • Working to reduce traffic congestion by adopting new standards for planning projects under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). New Vehicle Miles Traveled standards will help ensure transportation projects are designed in a way that supports less driving.
  • Leading new oil and gas initiatives by reforming CalGEM and directing it to strengthen public health and safety regulations and establish a tighter fracking permit review process.
  • Funding a study on carbon neutrality to chart the path for reduced demand and supply of transportation fossil fuels by mid-century.
  • Launching an extensive public process pursuant to SB 100, in order to obtain 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045.



  1. Trudy Smith

    The fires are NOT due to a climate crisis. It is bad forest management and liberal political policies.

  2. Meta

    So Ms. Vargas, instead of writing a story about the current related efforts related to this fire, such as Newsom’s prisoner firefighter program, you wrote political climate change propaganda. And for the future, let’s hear about forest management, improved structure protection technology and more and better firefighting equipment. I’m pretty sure we could ban all cars and shut down all industries in California and we will still have unprecedented fires for decades, not to mention it would still be a drop in the bucket for the world climate.


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