Governor Gavin Newsom Launches #CaliforniansForAll Service Initiative


Initiative will build on California Volunteers’ efforts to establish a volunteer corps to help with the state’s response during COVID-19


Interested volunteers can visit


SACRAMENTO – With COVID-19 creating a critical need for community support and volunteers across the state, Governor Gavin Newsom today announced California Volunteers’ #CaliforniansForAll service initiative to connect Californians with safe volunteer opportunities and encourage those unable to physically volunteer to think creatively about ways to make a difference in their communities.

“Across the state, Californians are asking how they can help their neighbors during this crisis and we want to channel that energy into our Californians For All service initiative,” said Governor Newsom. “Whether it’s volunteering at a food bank to feed older Californians, blood drives or supporting local nonprofits, there’s no shortage of opportunities for Californians to step up and meet the moment.”

#CaliforniansForAll unites organizations in desperate need of volunteers with Californians looking to serve and share their commitment to their neighbors, while ensuring stay-at-home and physical distancing protocols are met. The initiative will focus on recruiting younger Californians to help the most vulnerable throughout the state, including the elderly who are at higher risk of infection.

Californians are encouraged to join #CaliforniansForAll by signing up Participants will receive an email from California Volunteers with information on what they can do in real time to help out, and those who opt in to volunteer will be contacted by local nonprofit partners when opportunities open up in their area.

“Californians are united and there are no limits to our incredible creativity to help and support each other in this moment,” said California Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday. “California businesses, nonprofits and community organizations all play a vital role in the #CaliforniansForAll effort, and the residents of this state are stepping up when they are needed most.”

“Californians across the state have been rising up to meet this moment and create a culture of me to WE,” said First Partner and honorary chair of California Volunteers Commission Jennifer Siebel Newsom. “I am proud that #CaliforniansForAll will enable even more Californians to engage in volunteerism, and help our communities get through this crisis together.”

The initiative by California Volunteers will partner with a coalition of nonprofit organizations – including the California Association of Food Banks, United Ways of California, the American Red Cross, media platforms, businesses such as LinkedIn, and leading entertainment companies like United Talent Agency (UTA), Westbrook Media and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) – to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities.

From donating to food banks, checking on neighbors, reinforcing the need for physical distancing, assembling hygiene kits, providing online tutoring, and creating neighborhood chalk art competitions, Californians are uniting to help support each other like never before. Using #CaliforniansForAll, volunteeers will be able to share their efforts and stories on social media, amplifying our collective impactful efforts and uniting the sense of community that ties all of us together.

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  1. Martina Koeckritz

    I do live in a Mobile Home Park in Marin County .
    Our residents are aged from 55 to 92 .
    We do have a Common House in its Middle . It is very big , 2 story . We have no meetings or events going on and it is currently closed and we consider the circumstances of use .
    There is a library ,
    An office ,
    A medium room and a large ballroom
    As well
    As 2 more small rooms
    And 4 bathrooms (4 stalls each in 2 Female and 2 Male BR s ) .
    We are asking respectfully if it is lawful acceptable if we allow residents
    To use the facility . Thinking if given permission to
    2 persons each at a time in smaller rooms ,
    1 person in each bathroom facility at a time
    and in ballroom no more than 4 persons at a time .
    Each person permitted to use
    Up to 60 Min . Depending on demand, possibly longer .
    Generally there are less than 5 persons at a time in the entire building during all events cancelled .
    Practicing social distancing and wearing masks would be ongoing .

    There are Seniors who would normally still be working .
    During Covid CV – 2 their shared small business facilities are closed.
    In order to prepare to conduct business again some time fully
    They benefit from Library and Computer in facility .
    Alternatively they had used local
    Staples Stores reporting other customers not wearing masks and violating distancing – more high risk than “ in Park Community Facility”
    We are also realizing this facility may well count as part of “ Shelter in Place “ near actual homes and
    it is within the designated member only Park Area.
    For it to remain open for example is precedented by
    Rotary Senior Village in Terra Linda ( CALIFORNIA ) .
    This is restricted to residents only use and no gatherings of any kind .
    This is our plan as well .
    We suggest to start with Layered use ( mostly singles older than 62 )
    Possibly signing up for time slots so that Distancing possibility is guaranteed .
    Thank you in advance for your
    Advice .
    Martina Koeckritz , CTD , MA
    Social Educator


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