Get Ready California! September is National Preparedness Month


Living in California represents an abundance of beauty, affording the options of short trips to the mountains, lakes and historic landmarks. Within those perks, though, lies numerous risks to its residents and visitors.

California also is a disaster-prone state, known for its wildfires, floods and earthquakes. Being prepared for the next disaster is a necessity, maybe now more than ever, as Californians navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and another historic wildfire season.

Recognized annually in September, National Preparedness Month is designed to encourage Americans to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, and communities. Whether it’s September or any other month of the year, disasters can strike at any time without warning.

Cal OES encourages all Californians to be prepared for when – not if – the next emergency will occur. National Preparedness Month serves as a reminder to promote family and community disaster planning not just now but throughout the year.

How prepared are you and your neighbors? To help spread the word to prepare our communities for the next disaster, Cal OES has developed a one-stop resource for preparedness month (, containing a collection of documents, links and videos, all in a singular location to help make it easier for you to get prepared.

Additional resources include disaster preparedness for pets, kids, schools, businesses/organizations and Listos California, which focuses directly on engaging and readying our most diverse and vulnerable populations.


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