Podcast #45: Filling the HazMat Response Capability Gaps in California


Cal OES and 12 assignee local government fire departments are parties to a contractual agreement permitting the use of the Cal OES Type II HazMat Response Vehicles for local emergency response, out-of-service HazMat vehicles, training, exercises, and other needs.  In return, the assignee fire departments are required to dispatch the Cal OES Type II HazMat Response Vehicles anywhere in the state staffed by the required number of HazMat-trained personnel as requested through the California Fire & Rescue Mutual Aid System.  This brings the total number of “typed” HazMat Teams in California to 73.

In this episode we talk with a couple of department representatives who received an engine about what it means to their region, and we talked with a few of the Cal OES reps who worked hard to make these engines and their transfers happen:

Larry Collins, Cal OES Deputy Chief, Fire & Rescue Branch
Chuck Tobias, Cal OES Assistant Chief, Fire & Rescue Branch
Jan Dunbar, Cal OES Assistant Chief, Fire & Rescue Branch
Bill Schwarz, Engineer, Tracy Fire Department
Lewis Broschard, Deputy Fire Chief, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

Some of the many VIPs who attended the ceremony


  • Deputy Fire Chief Lewis Broschard: Contra Costa Fire Protection District
  • Public Information Officer Steve Hill: Contra Costa Fire Protection District
  • Battalion Chief Will Pryor: Los Angeles County Fire Department
  • Sutter County Fire Chief: Yuba City Fire Department John Shalowitz
  • Bill Fuller: Yuba City Fire Department,  Yuba City Administrative Analysis
  • Chief Brian Dempsey: Seaside Fire Department
  • Battalion Chief Dan Weaver: Susanville Fire Department
  • Alan Ernst: Modesto Fire Department
  • Division Chief Mike Lillie: Modesto Fire Department

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Cal OES Type II Hazmat Vehicles Fact Sheet

DOT HazMat Chart 15

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SoCal Certified Hazmat Teams

Statewide Certified Hazmat Teams

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Cal OES HazMat Publications



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