Federal and State Partners Provide Update on Grand Princess Cruise Ship Debarkation


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the U.S. Coast Guard have approved a departure plan for the crew members of the Grand Princess cruise ship currently moored in the Port of Oakland. 
Following the completion of the mission today, the Grand Princess Cruise Ship will be moved from the Port of Oakland and temporarily anchored in San Francisco Bay while additional crew disembark for chartered flights from a non-commercial portion of San Francisco International Airport. 
The ship will depart the Port of Oakland at approximately 7 p.m. Sunday, March 15.
As of Saturday, March 14, state and federal officials had had disembarked more than 2,900 individuals from the Grand Princess which includes more than 2,400 passengers and more than 500 crew.
The individuals disembarking for charted flights Sunday will undergo the same robust health screenings as passengers from the Grand Princess.
Upon the ship’s departure, the Port of Oakland site will be fully remediated and decontaminated by immediately removing temporary structures and pressure washing the entire site with a bleach solution to disinfect it.

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  1. Samuel Allen

    In the 2020 Hindsight and Predictions section of this website, I have documented some compelling evidence as to why California should stop using Doppler radar microwaves on storm systems coming of of the Pacific Ocean. The past several days and currently are leads to what flooding devastation is coming. Consider this advanced warnings.



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