Emergency Response Leadership Tour Destruction Caused by Glass and Zogg Fires


California’s emergency management and response leadership wrapped a tour of the areas burned by the Glass Fire in Sonoma County and the Zogg Fire in Shasta County. Local CalFire incident commanders gave detailed accounts of the fires’ movements, behavior and damage to Cal OES Director Mark Ghilarducci, CalFire Director Thom Porter, CalGuard’s The Adjutant General David Baldwin and California Highway Patrol Commissioner Warren Stanley, as well as FEMA Region 9 Administrator Bob Fenton and Robert Pesapane. These tours will help FEMA determine any federal assistance and funding that will be made available to help the recovery process.

Officials Tour the Glass Fire Damage in Sonoma County

Officials Tour the Zogg Fire Damage in Shasta County

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  1. Mark Schultz

    Why are these videos restricted? I’m not able to open them and would like.


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