Cal OES Continues to Preposition Firefighting Resources and Personnel Across Northern California as Weather Continues to Impact the State


With more rain and snow affecting California, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is prepositioning swift water rescue resources and firefighting personnel across central and northern California.

The prepositioned resources include:

Prepositioned at Lathrop/Manteca Fire Department OES: Lathrop/Manteca Fire Department Swift Water Rescue Team 13

Prepositioned at Oakland Fire Department: OES: Oakland Fire Department Swift Water Rescue Team

Prepositioned at Ukiah Fire Department: OES: Fresno City Fire Department Swift Water Rescue TF 19

Prepositioned at Sacramento Fire Department: OES: Sacramento Fire Department Swift Water Rescue TF 7

Prepositioned at Los Angeles City Fire Department: OES: Los Angeles City Department Swift Water Rescue TF 1

Prepositioned at Los Angeles County Fire Department: OES: Los Angeles County Department Swift Water Rescue TF 2

Prepositioned at Orange County Fire Authority: OES: Orange County Fire Authority Swift Water Rescue TF 5

Prepositioned at Riverside Fire Department: OES: Riverside Fire Department Swift Water Rescue TF 6

The National Weather Service is forecasting rain and snow to continue to impact central and northern California through the weekend. The heaviest rainfall and snow are expected today with successive days of dry weather ahead starting next week.

The public is urged to be on the lookout for potential flooding and mudslides in areas recently burned by wildfires. A debris flow can take homes off of their foundations and carry items such as vegetation, large boulders, and cars. If you live near or downslope of burn areas, you should have a plan to quickly evacuate your community if flash flooding or a mudslide were to occur. Learn more about being flood aware here.

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