California Storms Remind Us to Remain Flood Aware


As late October storms deliver much-needed rain and snow across California, the wet weather reminds us to be on the lookout for potential flooding and mudslides in areas recently burned by wildfires.

It doesn’t take heavy rain to trigger dangerous debris flows filled with mud, rocks and trees in areas burned within the past year.

Before a Flood

  • Keep storm pipes & drains clear
  • Move valuable items to higher floors of your home
  • Get plastic tarps & sandbags to keep out water
  • Learn the best escape routes

During a Flood

  • Don’t wait & see; leave immediately
  • Never walk or drive through flood waters
  • Watch for mudslides & debris flows

Flooding After Fires

Debris flows and mudslides happen fast! A debris flow can take homes off their foundations and carry things like vegetation, large boulders, and cars.

If you live near or downslope of burn areas, you should have a plan to quickly evacuate your community if flash flooding or a mudslide were to happen.

  • BE AWARE of your risk – Visit the FEMA Flood Map  to find out if your home is downslope of a burn area or in an area prone to flooding. Pay attention to weather forecasts & listen to local authorities.
  • BE PREPARED – Always have an emergency evacuation kit ready. Have a plan for where you will go in an emergency & what you’ll do with your pets.
  • TAKE ACTION – Follow evacuation orders immediately. If you live in a flood-prone area, check your home insurance to see if it covers floods.

Every county in California has been declared a . California also experiences many types of flooding. Flood Preparedness Week 2021 is October 23 to October 30.

Follow the National Weather Service Sacramento, Bay Area and Los Angeles as well as Cal OES for the latest updates.