5 Ways to Stay Informed During an Emergency


Emergencies can be overwhelming and the influx of information even more so. It can be confusing where to find official and accurate information, or how to know if what you’re reading on social media is true. Here are 5 ways to stay informed with facts before, during and after an emergency:

1. Get ahead of an event. Sign up to receive local alerts to your phone or email available through your city or county.

2. Official websites from those in charge of the incident. For example, during a wild land fire, the go-to website will depend on who is leading the effort. Be sure to check local, state and federal to find the correct source. Check CAL FIRE (State) and InciWeb (Federal). Be sure to check County Fire Department websites as well.

3. County websites and social media accounts are important official sources for information. County Administration, Office of Emergency Services, Sheriff and Fire departments are good places to start for information about response, recovery, recovery and other important public information. Bookmark and follow before an incident occurs. Click here for county websites.

4. American Red Cross is a good place to start for shelter information. Determine the local chapter’s website and social media accounts.

5. State and Federal emergency management websites and social media. These sites share information from official sources. Of course the type and amount of information shared will vary depending on the event, but you will still find great info daily.

  1. Governor’s Office of Emergency Services is the state agency in charge of emergency management and homeland security for California.
  2. California falls under Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region IX

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