Update on Americans Who Have Disembarked the Grand Princess Cruise Ship


SACRAMENTO – In an ongoing effort to ensure that Americans who have disembarked the Grand Princess cruise ship in Oakland are housed in safe and secure sites during their mandatory 14-day quarantines, the state and federal governments continue to identify locations to temporarily house former passengers.
Starting today, Americans will be relocated to a hotel in San Carlos owned by a private company, GRM Properties. The hotel has the capacity to house up to 120 individuals and currently has no guests. The individuals being relocated to San Carlos will not interact with the general public.
Each person going to San Carlos has been screened by medical professionals, and because they have mild symptoms that do not require hospitalization, they cannot be quarantined at Travis Air Force Base. While none of these individuals are known to have contracted novel coronavirus (COVID-19), they will be tested and monitored by medical professionals.
This housing effort is focused on protecting the health of these Americans and the public health of California’s communities and military readiness at Travis Air Force Base. The California Health and Human Services Agency and California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services are partnering with federal and local governments to ensure that adequate protocols are in place to protect the health of the disembarked passengers and the public health of California, San Carlos, and the surrounding communities. The state is also working closely with local agencies, including San Mateo County and the City of San Carlos, to coordinate this mission and provide communication and information to the public.
“First and foremost, we want to ensure that these Americans, who have faced a great deal of adversity, are in good hands until they can return to their homes,” said California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly. “Just as important is protecting the public health of our state and the communities that welcome these passengers, including San Carlos and San Mateo County. I couldn’t be more proud of our state, local and business partners for showing such compassion to our fellow Americans.”
“California continues to step up to the aid of Americans who want to go home but cannot, and I am commend these efforts,” said Mark Ghilarducci, Director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency said. “During this time, we will continue to work with federal, state and local authorities to safeguard the health and safety of San Carlos residents and the entire state.”
“This is the right thing to do. It is a fine example of how we can get ahead of COVID 19 by working together,” said state Senator Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. “By making these guest rooms available to the cruise ship travelers whose wellness must be monitored in a contained setting, the hotel owner is doing a huge service for our community and our state. Thanks also go to our local officials in San Carlos and San Mateo County, to CalOES and the CDC for doing their utmost for the care and safety of those who have been caught up in this health emergency – and in doing so, help protect the health of our greater community.”


  1. Louis G

    So when the administration said that the passengers would undergo quarantine on secure military bases instead they meant they’ll send them right into our community where they can walk around spreading CV-19 and the public would only be notified after the decision is already made?

    How is this ok? Here’s an idea; whoever in the government made this suggestion how about we house them in tents in their backyard?

    “The individuals being relocated to San Carlos will not interact with the general public.” What does that mean? How is this being guaranteed? Does this hotel have hazmat level containment for these passengers, I live here and I haven’t seen a hotel like that. How are they being prevented from leaving, are they under 24 hour guard?

    • Matthew

      Read up on the CDC & WHO guidelines. No hazmat suits necessary. It’s not that hard to keep a quarantine.

  2. Michael Y

    So our government just sends these people into our community immediatly after they got off the ship? The first community spreaded case in California was next to the Air Force base where they quarantined passengers. How can you guarantee San Carlos will not be the next victim?!!

  3. Bill

    I have a good idea! Maybe they should be put back on the ship for a wonderful voyage on a Panama Canal cruise, and up the Florida coast where they will disembark for the remainder of their 14 day quarantine period at TRUMP’S private MAR-A-LAGO resort!!!

    And if they get sick from COVID-19, they can stay until they recover.

    MAR-A-LAGO on the beautiful Florida coast seems like the perfect place to house this group of potentially ill souls. After all, we used to build Tuberculosis Facilities right on the ocean, where it was possible, because it was known that fresh air was good for the lungs and TB was a lung disease. And since COVID-19 cause pneumonia, what could be better for recovering lungs than a fresh ocean breeze?



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