Grass Roots Radio Solves Rural NorCal Community’s Disaster Communication Quandary, “Live Prepared Not Scared”


Residents living in one rural Northern California community were tired of feeling helpless during recent wildfires and public safety power shutoffs. They didn’t have the ability to communicate with friends or loved ones because cell service, land lines and interest were all down. So, they took it upon themselves to solve the problem, at least for their own community, to “live prepared, not scared” as Lois Miller proclaims. They gathered their neighbors, communications experts and first responders and came up with a plan. Their solution was GMRS: General Mobile Radio Service.

Thank you to the Grey Fox in Oroville for allowing us to use your facility for the interviews with Lois and Marisa.


Link to Longer, More Detailed Version of This Story

Butte County Sheriff’s Communication Reserve

Butte County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service®)

Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES)

Cal OES Auxiliary Communications Service


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