Governor Gavin Newsom Issues Stay at Home Order


SACRAMENTO – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay at home order to protect the health and well-being of all Californians and to establish consistency across the state in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Click here to read the Governor’s executive order.

Click here to learn more about the order.

Click here to see the Governor’s address to Californians this evening.





  1. Manish Mandalia

    We have a wholesale/distribution business – not a retail business. I am wondering if we need to shut down. I read the order as retail businesses.
    We have about 10-15 employees. Do get a few retailers walking in – but the main business is shipping out products Nationwide.
    Let me know if we need to shut down under the order.

  2. Ray Meyer

    Your link on the email notice “…has been removed or the title changed.” Nothing further.

  3. Christine A

    I work in sales. My job can be done remotely since communications can be done via email and phone. My boss insists that I come in to the office. What can I do? I am having to choose between keeping my job or not getting infected.

  4. Heather

    Governor Newsom and Trump must make Federal Disaster Unemployment Assistance available to state employees now. This would impact the self-employed positively. How can a stay-at-home order be issued without such a net? Under federal guidelines, this is such a disaster, but the President has to release the funds. Currently, the EDD website shows “no federal assistance available at this time”. How can this be? The President should act immediately to put this Disaster Relief program in place.

  5. Mickey M.

    The Governor, needs to enforce Amazon fullfillment Warehouse to close. Amazon employees are afraid they will contact the Coronavirus. Amazon has implemented this three foot rule but it isn’t enforced, employees have to have a stand up before starting shift, we are talking about a 75-100 people standing together. Also employees are in close contact when picking and staging. Bathrooms don’t always have soap and the all the surface the employees come in contact are cleaned such as break room,electronic devices to scan packages. This is a disaster waiting to happen!!!!

    • Christine

      Just my opinion, but with a lot of people shut-in, they are ordering many necessities through Amazon. For instance, my parents are in the group with the highest risk, so my mom has been ordering many basic needs on Amazon or other websites like Target/Walmart. com. I think we need Amazon to stay open.

      • Mickey M.

        We have mother’s and father’s that are elderly also. Just like you would do anything to keep your family safe. We are trying to keep ours safe too!

  6. KZ includes a huge amount of business. All my friends I asked have got email from their employers asking employee to continue going to work. If there are such large population still go to work, the effort and sacrifices other people make to stay home are in vain. Please make it clear, make it strict.

  7. RNK

    Since the IRS has not extended the tax filing due date from April 15th, how can tax preparers meet this deadline in light of the executive order?

      • adam

        To be clear, the IRS has in fact extended the /payment/ date, not the /filing/ date. The filing date remains 15-Apr and the original question still applies.

        • Michele

          The IRS FILING date was just extended this morning.

      • RNK

        Ryan, yes you are correct, they did this the day after my post.

        Does anyone have a definition of the following exemption?

        “Professional services, such as legal or accounting services, when necessary to assist in compliance with legally mandated activities and critical sector services”

        Since the filing deadline was extended, I am confused as to what would constitute a legally mandated activity.

  8. mone

    why aren’t there more test sites in orange county where I live? I have some illness signs, but no fever, and calling the doctor does not seem worth with no test sites. Also, I cannot purchase masks anywhere at this time. not very good as I have to go out buy food at some time or starve.

  9. Jim Bob

    Why doesn’t Orange County have a link under your “local information” section?

  10. jay bradley spry

    Your Democrat executives sure love declaring Martial Law Lite.
    Something to think about this election season…

    • Chris Propper

      My comment is directed to the comment by Loren Pochirowksi…your personal political comments are not necessary at a time like this, especially if directed towards your fellow Americans, merely because you hold a different opinion. US Senator Richard Bird (R), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee is reported to have held a private luncheon with high-level CEOs and GOP donors on February 27th, in which he warned them of the serious and dramatic consequences of COVID-19, all before any such announcement to the public. Then he proceeded to sell up to $1,700,000 worth of stocks well in advance of the recent market declines. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Chris Propper

        sorry, I meant to direct to “jay bradley spry”…my apologies to Loren

  11. Loren Pochirowski

    I have an electronic communications manufacturing company that does not do retail sales and ships products nationwide. I have 10 employees. Our facility is 18,000 square feet. Workstations are more than 6 feet from each other. Do I need to close down production?

  12. Russ Mitchell

    Where should businesses unsure whether they fit under “critical infrastructure” turn for help in interpreting the Governor’s order? The order puts OES in charge of compliance. We have tried to reach your media relations department but they are not responding to phone calls and emails. Russ Mitchell, Los Angeles Times

  13. Russ Mitchell

    Business people frustrated with figuring out where they stand and not sure where to turn, I’m doing a story about this. Please contact me at

  14. Bonnie Thompson

    No information has been clear about the Phase the virus is in 2 , 3, 4,weeks from peak, When is the Peak expected to be and for how long? Is it the same timeline across the entire US.

    Most flues are airborne; why do we focus on this virus as being contact only? If this is explained possibly people would stop using up the masks….. many act as though this is airborne regardless of being around people. Thank you

  15. Joe

    Does “Stay at Home” order apply to landscaper, handyman and contractor in Orange County? Can they still perform jobs while only group of 1-2 persons?

    Thank you.



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