Widespread Evacuations in Effect for Caldor Fire in El Dorado County


Today, fire and law enforcement officials announced that new, widespread evacuation warnings and orders are in effect in El Dorado County due to the Caldor Fire.

With extreme fire conditions and unsettled weather in the area, residents in the wider region around Lake Tahoe are reminded to listen closely to local authorities and be prepared to evacuate.

With Red Flag conditions possible over the coming days the Caldor Fire could spread rapidly into more populated communities and significantly broader areas, up to and including South Lake Tahoe could be required to evacuate.


Below are current evacuation orders and warnings as well as road closures:

Evacuation Order: El Dorado County

  • From Twin Bridges east to the Echo Summit
  • From Highway 50 south to the Amador and Alpine County lines
  • From Highway 50 north to Flagpole Peak

Evacuation Warnings: El Dorado County

  • Christmas Valley from Highway 89 west to Echo Summit
  • Highway 89 due west to Watershed Ridge and south to the Amador/El Dorado County line

Road Closures:

  • The Highway 50 closure has been extended east to Meyers (Highway 50 and Highway 89 junction). Residents evacuating the area between Twin Bridges and Echo Summit should use Highway 50 east.


Evacuation Warning vs. Evacuation Order

An evacuation warning or order can be given at any point during an emergency, so it’s critical for all Californians to know what it means and how to react to law enforcement guidance.

An evacuation warning means there’s impending danger to life or property. If a warning is given assume an evacuation order will follow. Start gathering important family and pet items. Any individuals who need extra time to evacuate, or anyone with large animals, should pack and leave when a warning is issued.

An evacuation order means there’s an immediate threat and to leave immediately. It’s critical to follow all directions from law enforcement to ensure a safe and efficient evacuation.

If you are uncomfortable or unsafe, evacuate immediately. Please do not wait to receive a formal notification. It is always better to evacuate too early, than to wait


When to Evacuate

Leave as soon as the evacuation is recommended to avoid being caught in fire, smoke, or road congestion. In an intense wildfire, officials may not have time to knock on every door. If advised to leave, don’t hesitate!

  • Officials will determine the evacuation areas and escape routes based on the fire’s location, behavior, winds, terrain, etc.
  • Evacuation warnings and orders will be notified as early as possible. Take the initiative to stay informed and aware.

Do not return to the area until officials determine it’s safe.


Sign-up for El Dorado County Alerts

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services Alert Notification System provides a number of ways in which the county may contact the community in the event of an emergency such as: evacuations due to wildfires or hazardous material spills, or urgent law enforcement operations.

The El Dorado County Office of Emergency Services partnered with CodeRED emergency notification service to alert residents and businesses by telephone, cell phone, text message, email, and social media when there is a threat to the health or safety of residents.

Sign-up for CodeRED here.


Pack a Go-Bag

When a disaster strikes, time is of the essence to gather necessary supplies. Pack a Go Bag so it’s ready to grab in case of an emergency. Below is a list of items to pack into an emergency kit:

  • Copies of identification & insurance cards
  • Cash
  • Contact list
  • Local maps
  • Medicine & important medical information
  • Phone charger & backup battery
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit


Travel Alerts

For the latest on road closures and alternate routes, check the Caltrans Quick Map and Twitter.