Watch: Shining a Spotlight on Staff – I am Cal OES Video Series – Nina Brunner Emergency Management Coordinator/Instructor 2


Over the past several years, the state has experienced an unprecedented number of emergencies and disasters. As these climate-driven natural disasters become more severe in California, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) staff has met each new challenge head-on. 


The nearly 2,000 staff at Cal OES have responded to increasingly complex disasters in fresh and innovative ways, strengthening the foundation of emergency management to prepare for, respond to and recover from all types of emergencies and disasters. 


This week, Cal OES welcomes you to learn more about Nina Brunner, an Emergency Management Coordinator/Instructor 2. Her duties include planning and teaching courses with Cal OES’ Specialized Training Institute to ensure that local and state emergency managers have the skills they need before, during and after emergencies. Brunner’s work allows different teams to operate at peak efficiency by utilizing their professional training. 


“I am proud of the work we do because I’m able to see people in different trainings and then how they apply what they learned in real life,” Brunner said. 


Brunner’s work is critical, ensuring Cal OES has advanced emergency management training before emergencies happen. Brunner previously worked for the Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. as a Special Assistant to the Governor before joining Cal OES in 2019. She went to the University of California, Davis where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.