Shining a Spotlight on Staff – I am Cal OES Video Series – Danielle Chapman, Senior Emergency Services Coordinator


Over the past several years, the state has experienced an unprecedented number of emergencies and disasters. As these climate-driven natural disasters become more severe in California, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) staff has met each new challenge head-on.

The nearly 2,000 staff at Cal OES have responded to increasingly complex disasters in fresh and innovative ways, strengthening the foundation of emergency management to prepare for, respond to and recover from all types of emergencies and disasters.

This week, Cal OES welcomes you to learn more about Danielle Chapman, a Senior Emergency Services Coordinator with the Planning, Preparedness, and Prevention Division. The work she does helps Californians get prepared for all disasters and emergencies. Through continuous outreach and education, Danielle serves as a liaison for school emergency preparedness programs and agricultural stakeholders.

Danielle works closely with schools, school districts, offices of education, California Department of Education, and California Department of Food and Agriculture. She also serves as an Planning Section Chief for the Blue Incident Support Team during activations and deployments.

“The work I do is a direct link to the safety of students and staff across schools in California. Parents and the wider community expect schools to be a safe place, and I get to help with that,” said Danielle. “The same goes for animal and agricultural emergency preparedness. Agriculture is a huge economic resource for California, and livestock and domestic animals are often not just animals, they are members of the family. I’m grateful that I get to be a part of that bigger picture.”

Prior to her current role, Danielle started at Cal OES as a Program Specialist working with victim services grants. Danielle continued her career at Cal OES because she enjoys the work and the people.

“I work with a phenomenal team! We all support each other with kindness and enthusiasm. I also have a passion for when Cal OES is in response mode, and I get to also play a role in that as Plans Chief—the activations always keep me on my toes!”