Summer Safety Essentials: Protecting Your Family All Season Long


June ushered in the start of summer, bringing warmer temperatures across California. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) wants to remind everyone about the importance of having a safe summer.


Before heading out, whether you’re camping, hiking, or just relaxing outdoors, it’s crucial to plan ahead. Familiarize yourself with the route and estimate the duration of your outing. Inform a responsible person about your plans and your expected return time. If you don’t return as planned, they can alert local authorities with vital details that could assist in a rescue operation.


Even for short trips, be prepared for changing conditions or unexpected delays. Pack extra supplies, including food, water, and clothing. Weather can change rapidly, even in summer, so bring extra layers in case it cools off in the evening. By packing ahead, you’ll be ready for any situation. For hikes, ensure you have sufficient food and water, as it’s easy to get off trail and stay out longer than anticipated.


Prepare for all possible conditions by checking the weather forecast for the day of your trip. This helps you dress appropriately and determine any additional supplies you might need. It’s also wise to check the forecast for the following day and pack extra supplies, ensuring you’re ready if you end up spending an unexpected night outdoors.


With rising temperatures, many people enjoy outdoor activities with their pets. However, pets don’t handle heat as well as humans. Limit their exercise on hot days, always provide cool water, and ensure they have access to shade. Keep pets supervised near streams or rivers, especially with increased flows in local waterways this summer. Most importantly, never leave your pet in a hot vehicle.


Heat Preparedness

Pet Safety