State of California Deploys Additional Personnel to Enhance COVID-19 Response Efforts in Communities Statewide


Deployed personnel come from California National Guard, California Medical Assistance Teams, Federal Military and Health agencies, California Health Corps, Fire/EMS, and contracted medical providers


SACRAMENTO – The State of California – through the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the Health and Human Services Agency – today announced the deployment of additional medical personnel to healthcare facilities statewide. In total, more than 4,200 medical personnel have been deployed to assist in the COVID-19 response efforts

These deployments are part of an ongoing effort by the state to relieve stress on the medical care system during the current surge in cases and hospitalizations. These personnel are helping to ensure necessary healthcare staffing for hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities because of COVID-19.

Similar to other lines of effort to support the healthcare system including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Alternate Care Sites, this increased staffing is another tool in the State of California’s multi-pronged approach to enhance and complement work of our hospital systems and local government.

The following is a breakdown of the 4,217 personnel currently deployed:

Resources Type Number Deployed
California National Guard 194
Cal Mat 157
AMR 130
Health Corps 8
Fire/EMS 146
Federal Personnel


17 (United States Health & Human Services)
225 (Department of Defense)
Contracted Personnel 3,340
TOTAL 4,217

The State of California has also opened several alternate care sites in an effort to decompress local hospital systems. These alternative care sites are providing care for patients who do not need care in an intensive care unit and easing the strain on the health care delivery system. This will allow hospitals to focus their resources on those with the most acute needs.  View a list of current alternative care sites.

In addition to effort to increase staffing and bed space alternative care sites, the State of California has also procured hundreds of millions of pieces of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including N-95 respirators, procedure masks, gowns, face shields and gloves. View PPE distribution data.

Learn more about the state of California’s efforts to combat COVID-19: