Snow-Fed Rivers Make Summertime Swimming Dangerous, Deadly


The start of 2023 is shaping-up to be a tragic one for some outdoor enthusiasts, and their families.  

It’s only June and so far, at least 28 people in California have been swept away by strong river currents.  Of those, media reports that authorities have recovered 14-bodies; some remain missing and are presumed dead.  And the numbers climb almost each week.

In light of these tragedies, we thought it necessary to triple our safety messages, even reprising this story we posted six years ago under similar circumstances.

Shawn Boyd reports on what’s making fun in the water such a dangerous and deadly activity.


Map: People drowned or swept away in California rivers, spring 2023

1 drowns, 4 others rescued after being thrown from kayak in fast-moving Kern River

Kayaker dies in high waters of Kern River in California, sheriff says. 4 more rescued

US Forest Service

Caught on top of a waterfall: CHP rescues man on a rock before a 40-foot drop