Agencies Participating in Project Roomkey Can Seek FEMA Reimbursement


Through the Public Assistance Program, FEMA is providing 100% federal cost share reimbursement

SACRAMENTO – The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is announcing guidance on reimbursement for eligible Project Roomkey activities. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is providing 100 percent federal cost share reimbursement for public agencies participating in Project Roomkey.

Entities, such as cities, counties, state agencies, special districts, and federally recognized Indian Tribal governments, can apply for reimbursement through Public Assistance. Certain private nonprofit organizations may also be eligible.

So far, Project Roomkey has made a difference in the lives of thousands of Californians and dozens of counties throughout the state:

  • Sheltered at least 35,000 individuals (as of 3/17/21)
  • Supported 55 counties + 3 Tribal Governments (as of 3/17/21)
  • Total of $29,247,987 in reimbursement (as of 3/26/21)

To Apply:

Submit an online Request for Public Assistance application (RPA) by emailing Applications can also be submitting directly to FEMA’s Grants Portal at and mentioning the FEMA-4482-DR-CA event Project Roomkey.


Project Roomkey is a Non-Congregate Sheltering (NCS) program currently reserved for those persons experiencing homelessness. FEMA will reimburse Emergency NCS costs incurred for:

  1. Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 that do not require hospitalization but need isolation or quarantine (including those exiting from hospitals).
  2. Individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19 (as documented by a state or local public health official, or medical health professional) that do not require hospitalization but need isolation or quarantine.
  3. Individuals who are asymptomatic, but are at “high-risk,” such as people over 65 or who have certain underlying health conditions (respiratory, compromised immunities, chronic disease), and who require Emergency NCS as a social distancing measure.

Eligible costs for Project Roomkey include the provisions for lodging and wraparound services e.g. shelter operations, security, housekeeping, meals, etc.


The incident period for the FEMA-DR-4482-CA COVID-19 Pandemic disaster currently remains “open”. RPAs can be accepted for a period of 30-days after the incident period is “closed.” Presently, FEMA has not announced a closure date for this event.

Learn more about the reimbursement process by clicking here.