Cal OES Hosts Free ‘Prepare California’ Webinars


To coincide with the launch of the Prepare California program, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is hosting a series of webinars to assist communities in applying for funding.

What is Prepare California?

Prepare California is a $100 million grant program designed to build community resilience among vulnerable individuals living in areas of the state most susceptible to natural disasters. The program is aimed at reducing long-term risks of disasters, such as flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, or landslides, by investing in infrastructure improvements that will protect communities.

Upcoming Webinars

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Series: Phased Projects 02/01/22 ​10 a.m.
​What is Prepare California? ​02/03/22 ​11 a.m.
​Series: Advanced Assistance ​02/03/22 ​2 p.m.
​Series: Management Costs ​02/08/22 ​10 a.m.
​Series: Flood Projects ​02/10/22 ​2 p.m.
​Series: Wildfire Projects ​02/15/22 ​10 a.m.
​Wildfire BCAs ​02/17/22 ​2 p.m.
​Subapplicant Development Workshop ​02/22/22 ​9 a.m.-4 p.m.
​Series: Earthquake Projects ​02/24/22 ​2 p.m.
​Structural BCAs ​03/01/22 ​2 p.m.