Meteorologist Michelle Mead Faces Wildest Weather of Career in California, Godzilla Storms and Atmospheric River Among Them


In this episode (#83) we talk with Michelle Mead, Meteorologist In Charge – at the National Weather Service in Sacramento. We talk about the role the meteorologist plays during the response and recovery efforts for a disaster.

Ms. Mead graduated in 1994 with a BS degree in Earth Science with an emphasis in Meteorology from St. Cloud State University. She has been with the NWS since 1994, and has worked across the country in her 27 year career. Sacramento, California, is her current and 6th office.  During her tenure, she has dealt with weather phenomena such as severe weather in the midwest to the Foehn winds, snow, mountain meteorology and Fire Weather of the intermountain west and California. Since her arrival in Sacramento, she has been very hands-on with her office staff and the communities we serve.  She is also a wife and mother of twin 16 year old boys. Therefore, her spare time is mostly eaten up by family duties which, of course, she loves.  She also likes to workout and decorate her home for the holidays, no matter what holiday.


Michelle Mead Gives a Weather Workshop

Michelle Mead Gives a Weather Workshop


Michelle Mead gives tour of NOAA in Sacramento

Michelle Mead gives FEMA a tour of NOAA, Sacramento


NWS Forecast Office Sacramento, CA