Lightning and Isolated Thunderstorms Could Strike Parts of California This Week


The California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is urging Californians to be alert, as remnants of Tropical Cyclone Eugene make their way to the west coast. Moisture is expected across the state, bringing the threat of isolated thunderstorms and lightning strikes. Portions of Southern and Central California could be impacted starting Wednesday, while Northern California could be impacted Friday into the weekend.

Californians still wanting to get the most out of summer should be prepared for lightning and isolated thunderstorms during outdoor activities.

If you find yourself outside during thunder and lightning, go indoors or find a safe, enclosed shelter. Avoid open spaces, stay away from tall structures and objects that conduct electricity; and get down from elevated areas.

Don’t shelter under an isolated tree and don’t use a cliff or rocky overhang for shelter.

If you are in a group during a thunderstorm, separate to reduce the number of injuries if lightning strikes the ground and if you are in open water, come back to the shore immediately.

While significant rain is unlikely from this weather system, flash floods can occur with no warning. Listen to TV or radio and monitor social media for weather updates and emergency instructions; get to higher ground; never walk or drive through flood waters; and make sure your emergency flood kit is stocked.

There are additional steps Californians can follow to prepare for any emergency.


Before a disaster or emergency, think about who you will need to connect with if you’re forced to evacuate or shelter in place. Make a contact list with names, numbers, home, and email addresses. Your list should include at least one person who doesn’t live in your area and won’t be impacted by your local disaster.


Early warnings could make the difference between life and death during an emergency. Go to to sign up for notifications in your county.

extreme weather conditions
take steps now to be prepared. here are things to have and do:
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clapping hands and mask emoji personal protective equipment (PPE)
money emoji cash
fuel emoji fuel
phone emoji charge phones
radio emoji battery-operated radio
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siren emoji sign up for local emergency alerts
notebook emoji have an emergency/evacuation plan ready
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