In Preparation for 2021 Wildfires, Cal OES Delivers New Type VI Engines into Mutual Aid System


As the state gears up for the 2021 wildfire season, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) continues its mission to support local fire agencies by assigning them fire resources to respond to emergencies and disasters.

Recently, Cal OES announced the transfer of new Type VI fire engines to local fire jurisdictions as part of the California Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid System. Type VI fire engines are a widely used fire engine in wildland urban interface fire response because of their versatility, maneuverability, off-road abilities, and fire suppression capabilities.

“The citizens of California are protected by the nation’s most robust mutual aid system,” said Cal OES Fire and Rescue Chief Brian Marshall. “Our local government partners respond daily to mutual aid requests in Cal OES fire engines and even their own fire engines.”

The Cal OES Fire and Rescue Division coordinates the California Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid System which moves local government resources across the state in support of all-risk emergency response on behalf of local, state, and federal government fire organizations.

Through the California Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid System, Cal OES provides local government fire agencies with fire apparatus to maintain surge capacity during day-to-day duties and major events/emergencies. To date, the Fire and Rescue Division currently manages 114 Type I, 67 Type III, and 79 Type VI fire engines, 12 Hazardous Material Response Units, 12 Water Tenders, 6 Support Units, 13 Swift Water Boat Units, and 19 rescue system trailers for 322 apparatus in total. Cal OES apparatuses are strategically stationed across California, ready to be staffed with local government firefighters to respond to immediate requests for assistance. In the last two years, the Cal OES Fire and Rescue Division has assigned:

  • 25 Type I replacement plan engines delivered
  • 3 Type I expansion engines delivered
  • 25 Type III expansion engines delivered
  • 20 Type VI expansion engines delivered
  • 61 (2 Type III and 59 Type VI) remaining engines to be delivered over the next several months.

Through a contractual agreement between Cal OES and the local government fire agencies, the state permits the use of the fire engines for mutual aid responses, local multiple alarm fires, temporary replacement for out of service engines, training, and other local, state, and federal needs. In return, the assignee is required to dispatch the engine with the required personnel to any emergency.

More information on the Cal OES Fire Apparatus Program is available at: