Don’t Press Your Luck this Friday the 13th, Get Prepared


Friday the 13th is known to be an unlucky day for most people. Walking under ladders, breaking mirrors or crossing paths with a black cat have been associated with bad luck. But what’s worse than bad luck – not being prepared for when the next disaster strikes.

Luckily, International Day for Disaster Reduction falls on Friday 13th. This day was created to promote the spread of disaster awareness and how to be properly prepared. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) has developed a Planning, Preparedness and Prevention resources page containing a collection of documents and links, all in a singular location to help make it easier for you to get prepared.

Being prepared for the next disaster can be as simple as these six steps:

  1. Pack your Go-Bag
    1. Food, Water, First Aid Kit, Portable Chargers, Important Documents, medications and any additional information needed for your specific family.
  2. Create and know your Family Disaster Plan.
  3. Know your Evacuation Routes.
  4. Pet Preparedness Kit
  5. Sign up for CalAlerts
  6. Create a Stay Box for when you must shelter in place.
    1. Food, Water, Portable Chargers or a Generator, Important Documents, Trash Bags, additional items specific for your family.

Disasters are challenging for everyone. Instead of knocking on wood, avoiding cracks in a sidewalk or keeping your fingers crossed, try following the six steps above and stay lucky this Friday the 13th and beyond.

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