Don’t Let “Fall Back” Set You Back. Follow These Safety Tips


As temperatures get colder and days get shorter, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) wants you to be prepared and safe from the elements. Consider these early darkness safety tips while setting your clocks back this Sunday.

Shorter Daylight Hours

Drive with extra caution. With fewer hours of daylight and cloudy days during winter months, turn on your headlights when you get behind the wheel. It makes driving safer for everyone on the road.

Be a safer pedestrian or cyclist. If you plan to walk or bike in the evening, buying reflective clothing, lights and other accessories is important.

Ensure you have proper lighting to avoid falls. Older adults should take caution as darkness can increase risks for falling or injuries. Make sure homes are well lit and light switches are accessible to reach. For nighttime, plug-in night lights are inexpensive and can be helpful for older adults who make nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Earlier darkness can catch us off guard if we are not accustomed to it, but paying extra attention can ensure we head into winter safely. Consider these additional safety tips to help you and your family stay prepared for an emergency.

Planning and Preparedness

  • Create a plan together and practice the plan so everyone feels safe.
  • Make a Go-Bag with essential items including flashlights, batteries and medical information.
  • Make a “winter car-emergency kit” and put it in your vehicle.
  • Sign up for free local emergency alerts to receive early notifications.
  • Become familiar with evacuation routes around your home, work or areas you frequently visit.
  • Remember to check in your family, neighbors and loved ones.