Communication and collaboration between Cal OES and all Tribal Nations in California


The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is the state’s leader in responding, directing, and coordinating state and federal resources to support local jurisdictions and communities for an emergency or disaster.  

 Office of Tribal Coordination (OTC) 

At Cal OES, the Office of Tribal Coordination’s main role and responsibilities is to coordinate resources needed to help Tribal Nations.

The Office of Tribal Coordination (OTC) is dedicated to improving and maintaining communication and collaboration between the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) and all Tribal Nations in California. Our mission is to foster and establish effective partnerships with Tribal Nations as the cornerstone of emergency management efforts in planning for, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from all types of disasters.

OTC’s priorities include educating internal and external agencies and partners about the cultural settings of California Tribal Nations, to understand and relay their priorities for emergency management and homeland security issues, and to continue improving Cal OES’s understanding of Tribal Nations concerns. Building effective relationships with tribes is an essential step to building a more resilient community.”

During days with no emergencies: 

  • Share resource information, including grants, training opportunities and key initiatives. 
  • Provide consultation, technical assistance and address inquiries
  • Improve and maintain open communication between Cal OES and Tribal Nations
  • Educate agencies and partners about the Native American population in California
  • Provide cultural awareness and sensitivity trainings to key stakeholders

 During Disasters  

  • Identify disaster impacts, needs, and coordinate resources.
  • Collaborate with state agencies, local partners, and non-governmental organization to support Tribal Nations.
  • Share information on disaster assistance programs, shelters, and evacuations.
  • Provide technical assistance on the recovery process.
  • Communicate Tribal Nations’ recovery priorities to state, county, federal partners and non-profit agencies.


Tribal Nations in California 

Non-Federally Recognized Tribes: 79 in 35 counties in the State of California 

  • 11 in Monterey and 4 in Kern and San Luis Obispo

Federally Recognized:  109 Tribal Nations in 34 counties in the State of California. 

  • 17 in San Diego, 6 in Humboldt, 6 in Sonoma, 6 in Lake