Cleaning Respirators Helping PPE Supplies Go Further

As the number of coronavirus cases experiences a resurgence, so does the need for respirators and surgical masks. Cal OES coordinated with partners to establish two Critical Care Decontamination Systems (CCDS) in southern California, one each in Burbank and Fremont. There, the Battelle company, along with assistance from the Cal Guard/Military Department, California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Prologis and the Burbank Airport set up the CCDS in a short 24 hours. These locations can decontaminate and sterilize tens of thousands of N-95 masks per day, using a vaporous hydrogen peroxide process, the exhaust of which is simply oxygen and water. Cleaning and re-using PPE allows our supplies to go further, helping keep healthcare workers safe.

As of this writing, here are the latest facts and figures:

  • Operational on April 20th
  • 72: Hours for turn-around time
  • 1,861: Total number of facilities enrolled in California
  • 327: Total number of facilities that have had masks decontaminated
  • 151,356: Total number of masks decontaminated in both facilities combined
    • 87,436: Burbank
    • 63,920: Fremont
  • Battelle is now paying the shipping cost for masks

Watch this video produced at the Burbank CCDS facility on the day it opened, April 20, 2020.