Cal OES Mobilizes Fire and Rescue Resources to Keep Communities Safe During February Storms


As California experiences more severe and complex disasters, including severe weather, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) works with local government fire departments in times of need.

In particular, during winter storm season, Cal OES worked with partners to preposition fire personnel and equipment in communities statewide.

During the recent February storms, Cal OES made history by prepositioning more than 750 fire personnel across 21 counties to respond.

“Utilizing our local government partners to bring in additional fire personnel and equipment to areas of concern during major weather events is paramount to keeping Californians safe,” said Brian Marshall, Cal OES Chief of the Fire and Rescue Branch. “Cal OES is grateful to our partners who answer the call to serve their communities throughout the state.”

Prepositioned resources were in the right place at the right time during the February storm event, leading to Cal OES partners performing nearly 20 rescues statewide.

California Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid System

Since 1950, the California Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid System has served as a basis for emergency operations throughout California.

Facilitated through Cal OES, it’s a system that helps move resources and personnel from anywhere to anywhere across the state.

Cal OES utilizes a fleet of more than 270 fire engines to over 60 local government partners, including most recently, the first ever engine assigned to a Tribal Nation. Fire apparatus is assigned by Cal OES to local government fire agencies to maintain surge capacity during day-to-day duties and major emergencies.