Cal OES Coordinates with Local Governments and State Agency Partners in Response to Effects from Winter Storm


Following heavy rainfall throughout the state during the late-December early-January storm, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) continues to coordinate emergency response to numerous incidents throughout the state, including significant flooding caused by levee breaks in Sacramento County.

State Emergency Operations Center Activated

Cal OES has placed the State Operations Center (SOC) at Level 1 in a 24-hour capacity to coordinate the state response in providing aid to local government requests including supplies, personnel, and equipment. Significant rainfall is expected later in the week, with additional impacts to communities likely.

Local emergency proclamations and requested assistance from the State:

  • Sacramento County – Declared 12/31/22
  • City of Placerville – Declared 12/31/22
  • El Dorado County – Declared 12/31/22
  • Monterey County – Declared 12/27/22

Prepositioned Resources in Response to Heavy Rainfall and Debris Flow

In response to the anticipated rains over New Year’s Eve, Cal OES Fire and Rescue Branch prepositioned resources to quickly respond to emergencies including water rescues and debris flows.

Los Angeles County received Mud and Debris Flow Team including one (1) Dozer, one (1) Hand crew, one (1) Dispatcher. While Orange County received two (2) Mud and Debris Flow Teams including two (2) Dozers and two (2) Hand crew.

Preparing for Incoming Storms

Cal OES has confirmed the availability of the following resources and stands ready to support and coordinate their deployment through the California Fire and Rescue Mutual Aid System.

  • Seven (7) Cal OES Swift Water/Flood Search and Rescue Teams (Type I Swift Water Rescue Teams)
  • Seven (7) Cal OES California/FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Task Forces
  • Eight (8) California Regional Urban Search & Rescue Task Forces
  • Ten (10) Cal OES Type II Urban Search & Rescue Trailers
  • Local Government Urban Search & Rescue Companies, Swift Water Rescue Teams, and Haz Mat Teams

Available Flood Supplies include:

  • Sandbags (each) – 3,706,000
  • Plastic (rolls) – 10,051
  • Stakes (each) – 345,150
  • Twine (cases) – 3,763
  • Buttons (each) – 705,603
  • Super Sack (each) – 19,950
  • Muscle Wall (each) – 3,632
  • 24” Rock (ton) – 400,209