Cal OES Continues Supporting Most Vulnerable Communities with COVID-19 Test Kits


Continuing the efforts to protect those most vulnerable in California, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is providing 100,000 COVID-19 test kits each month to California’s most vulnerable populations.

“We have to take care of the most vulnerable Californians.” Vance Taylor, Cal OES Office of Access and Functional Needs (OAFN) Chief explains. “This is who we are as a state, this says who we are as a community, and this says who we are as individuals.”

Working with the state’s Testing Task Force and community-based organizations statewide, Cal OES spearheaded the effort to ensure the highest risk Californians would be able to test family, friends, health care providers and others before entering their home.

It’s all lifesaving work. By ensuring there’s more test kits available, these communities won’t be afraid to receive the vital in-home care they deserve.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Cal OES has taken several key actions to address the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. This includes:

  • OAFN hosted California State Access and Functional Needs Leadership Coordination calls, which brought government and community leaders together to discuss the state’s COVID response.
  • Distributing masks to vulnerable Californians through community-based organizations and local partner jurisdictions.
  • Providing free transportation to vaccines sites
  • Ensured the mega vaccination sites were both physically and programmatically accessible
  • Collaborating with Cal OSHA and the California Department of Education to develop a plan to support students, teachers and educational staff with access and functional needs who may be at increased risk of becoming infected at school
  • Establishing a peer-support friendship line for gaining Californians and adults living with disabilities.

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