Cal OES Awards Grant for Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention


In a significant show of commitment to support sexual violence prevention, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is providing a grant for the 2023 National Sexual Assault Conference. The grant aims to bring organizations together to help community members through advanced training and valuable information on sexual violence resources, intervention and prevention.

The $135,000 grant funds come from the federal Department of Justice through Cal OES Grants Management, which is responsible for the administration of about $1.3 billion in funds for California homeland security, emergency management, victim services and criminal justice programs.

A History of Support for Sexual Assault Survivors

As part of a broader effort by Cal OES to support sexual assault survivors, in April of 2022, Cal OES awarded $13 million in grants to 46 community-based organizations for the implementation of prevention programs. These Sexual and Domestic Violence Prevention Program grants were instrumental in supporting initiatives that focused on education and prevention campaigns surrounding sexual and domestic violence. Emphasis was placed on reaching out to socially vulnerable populations where such issues are disproportionately prevalent.

The grants were designed to address the multifaceted nature of prevention efforts. By creating conditions that discourage violence and providing timely interventions and responses to instances of violence, the aim is to break the cycle and prevent further harm.

Through its Victim Services Branch, Cal OES Grants Management ensures the provision of trauma-informed, survivor-centered services. Over 400 unique local governments and non-profit organizations receive funding from Cal OES to ensure Californians have access to essential and effective support services.

Cal OES has an extensive track record of supporting numerous survivor services programs, which encompass survivor witness support, rape crisis centers, human trafficking survivor assistance, shelters, therapy services, and more, totaling over 80 programs statewide. Particularly noteworthy is the agency’s dedication to serving marginalized communities to ensure that vulnerable populations are well-supported.

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