Cal OES Announces Approval of More than $31,000 in CDAA Funding to Help Tahoe City Public Utility District Cover December 2021 Storm Costs


SACRAMENTO — The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) today announced the approval in June of $31,734.45 in California Disaster Assistance Act (CDAA) funding to help the Tahoe City Public Utility District cover eligible costs and administrative fees related to conducting emergency protective measures in response to the winter storms that hit the Sierra Nevada Mountains from December 10, 2021, through January 1, 2022.

The bulk of the funding approved by Cal OES — $28,849.50 – represents the state’s share of eligible costs incurred by the utility district to implement emergency protective measures it conducted to restore power to pumps that deliver drinking water to the community and maintain sewage treatment pumps and facilities that experienced power outages and service disruptions due to the record-setting snowfall generated by the storms.

The remaining $2,884.95 in funding approved for the utility district will help it cover administrative costs related to its response.

CDAA payments are provided based on actual costs incurred by the utility district and provided by the state as work is completed and as documentation and requests for payment are submitted to Cal OES.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s State of Emergency Proclamation for Placer and seven other counties, as well as four cities, authorized CDAA reimbursements for eligible entities.

More information on the California Disaster Assistance Act is available at