Be Disaster Ready at Work


Disasters can strike anytime and anywhere, even while you are at work. As we recognize Emergency Preparedness Month this September, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) encourages you to think ahead about emergency preparedness, especially if you’re away from home.

There are steps you can take to prepare now:

Make a family emergency plan and keep a copy in your work bag

  • Sign up for local alerts where your family lives, works or goes to school.
  • Have a conversation with your loved ones about what an emergency could be and how to be safe.
  • Talk about how you will find each other if your family becomes separated during an emergency. Decide on a safe familiar place where your family can go for protection or to reunite.
  • If you have school-aged children you are responsible for, ask your child’s school about their emergency action plan and how they will communicate.
  • Think about evacuation routes from your place of employment, your child’s school and within your community.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full or electric vehicle fully charged.
  • Practice your plan before an emergency so everyone knows what do if a disaster occurs.

Make a “Go Bag” with emergency essentials

Make a Go Bag that you can grab quickly if you need to leave during a disaster. Consider keeping one in your car, or in your personal locker or desk drawer at work. Here are some items to include:

To pack now:

  • Important documents: copies of identification, insurance, deeds, titles, and photos of family and pets
  • Cash
  • Map
  • Medications list

Pack as you leave:

  • Wallet or purse and keys
  • Phone and charger
  • Medicine
  • Mask

Good to grab if you already own:

  • Portable radio
  • Flashlight
  • First aid supplies
  • Portable computer

Ask your employer about your workplaces’ emergency plan

Every employer has a unique action plan to use in the event of an emergency. Have a discussion with your management team to learn about safety and emergency guidance.

In any disaster, remember to listen to authorities, stay informed and get to a safe location as soon as possible.


Additional Resources

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