Anything is Paw-sible, When You’re Prepared


You may be ready for the next emergency, but did you remember to prep your pet? We usually make emergency preparedness plans for ourselves and our family, but we often times overlook our other important family members…our pets.

Preparing your pet before, during and after an emergency is very similar to preparing ourselves. One of the most important steps of pet emergency preparedness is to have a plan. To get started with pet preparedness plans, take into account the type of animal you have, the risks your household is vulnerable to and your pet’s needs.

Here are some general tips to help get your pet emergency ready:

  • Make sure you have an emergency kit for your pet. Items in the kit should include pet food, water, medications, veterinary records, blankets, etc.
  • Have an animal carrier and leash.
  • Make sure your pet has tags with contact information.
  • Keep a current photo of your pet and animal records.
  • Be familiar with local shelters. This may come in handy in case your pet goes missing.

Emergencies can be just as scary for animals as they are for humans. If you find yourself and your pets in the middle of an emergency, bring them inside to a safe area immediately. If you are ordered to evacuate, do not leave your pets behind. Evacuate with your animals as safely as you can, without putting yourself in danger. This stresses the importance of pet planning – so that you know you can avoid being in a difficult situation should you be in an emergency.

For those that have large animals that may require more planning in the event of an emergency, contact your local Office of Emergency Services for tips and large animal shelter information to aid in your animal disaster planning.

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