Alternate Care Sites Provide Patient Care as COVID-19 Hospitalizations Continue



Earlier last year as the spread of the COVID-19 virus began painting a dire picture of potential hospital bed shortages, California agencies stood up Alternate Care Sites to build capacity to help decompress healthcare systems. While the facilities remained in warm status over recent months in anticipation of future surges, many sites are now actively caring for patients.

The strategically placed sites were designed to build capacity and enhance the ability of hospitals to withstand the surge of COVID-19 patients. The additional hospital bed availability allows health care delivery systems to provide care for patients, focus their resources on those with the most acute needs and ease strained systems.

Breakdown of the six Alternate Care Sites currently with patients (as of 1/5/21):

ARCO/Sleep Train Arena (Sacramento County): 17 patients

Porterville Developmental Center (Tulare County): 10 patients

Fairview Developmental Center (Orange County): 38 patients

Imperial Valley College (Imperial County): 24 patients

Norwalk ACS (Los Angeles County): 42 patients

Palomar Medical Center (San Diego County): 6 patients

Total in beds: 137 patients

Total beds in active status: 187



There are 1,481 beds in warm status throughout the 10 total Alternate Care Sites in the state, with six of the sites (see map above) active with patients in beds. The 10 sites are ARCO/Sleep Train Arena (Sacramento County), Porterville Developmental Center (Tulare County), Fairview Developmental Center (Orange County), Imperial Valley College (Imperial County), Norwalk ACS (Los Angeles County), Palomar Medical Center (San Diego County), San Francisco FMS (San Francisco County), Craneway Pavillion FMS (Contra Costa County), Fresno Convention Center (Fresno County), and Riverside Fairgrounds FMS (Riverside County). To view the Alternate Care Site public dashboard the with the most up-to-date information, click here.

In addition to Alternate Care Sites, the state has 22 California Medical Stations, which are 50 bed field hospitals, in its cache that can be rapidly deployed.

Individuals interested in opportunities to help California meet urgent COVID-19 medical response needs are encouraged to visit the following sites:

Visit for more information on the state’s response to COVID-19 and critical steps Californians can take to stay healthy.