Cal OES Provides Update on State Alternative Care Sites


SACRAMENTO, CA – As part of the ongoing effort to protect health and safety in the face of increased COVID-19 cases, the State of California is reactivating several alternate care sites in an effort to assist local hospital systems and health jurisdictions. As hospitalizations continue to rise, these alternative care sites will expand capacity and support additional acute care specifically dedicated to COVID-19 patients.

Specifically, the alternative care sites will provide care for patients and ease strain on health care delivery systems. This will allow hospitals to focus their resources on those with the most acute needs.

The state’s alternative care sites, which are being reactivated include:

  • Imperial Field Medical Site with 80 operational beds (Maximum capacity 125)
  • Seton Medical Center with 120 operational beds (Maximum capacity 220)
  • Fairview Developmental Center with 50 operational beds (Maximum capacity 760)
  • Porterville Developmental Center with 50 operational beds (Maximum capacity 402)

Operational beds at the sites are ready to accept patients and will be staffed by medical personnel, equipped with supplies and offer all necessary services. Each of the alternative care sites are integrated into the local health systems and able to receive patients to their maximum capacity as COVID-19 surge increases.

Fairview Development Center

Fairview Development Center

California had already secured additional beds at alternate care sites and coordinated with the hospital systems throughout the state to care for an anticipated surge in COVID-19 patients. As hospitalizations showed signs of successful mitigation in mid-May, the alternative care sites were placed in a warm status and set to be shut down until this week.

Any persons requiring medical attention for COVID-19 should continue to consult with their physicians and should not seek admission or care directly at these sites.

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